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0.jpg (48.36 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-28 14:33 upload 1.jpg (40.7 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-28 14:33 upload 2.jpg (42.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-28 14:33 upload 20100728165530.jpg (61.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-28 17:31 upload Evaluation of season in popular attention Air Max 1 ACG Pack since the exposure was all high. Since the Nike ACG transplantation unique series of shoes details in the design, bold use of color and material in the past with Air Max 1 shoes in rare color to sink design elements. Steady and bright color of the color composition, especially on the tongue and insole paid to the new ACG logo. In addition this time more particularly discloses a double Air Maxim 1+ never met with Air Trainer 1 body muddy shoes, presumably published the Air Max fans certainly put it down. A series of new Air Max 1 ACG Pack is expected to be officially published in the autumn of this year, you want to start a friend please pay attention to the future more follow-up reports. 20100728165446_0_.jpg (65.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-28 17:31 upload 20100728165446_1_.jpg (106.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-28 17:31 upload 20100728165446_2_.jpg (90.07 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved cheap jordan shoes for men to the album 2010-7-28 17:31 upload 20100728165446_3_.jpg (60.69 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-28 17:31 upload 20100728165446_4_.jpg (109.08 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-28 17:31 upload 20100728165446_5_.jpg (69.88 KB, under.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] the beginning of 2014, Beijing Sanlitun. Adidas, the world's largest retail and lively up. For consumers, a kind of retail shopping will pick up the phone so that it can not help but take pictures and share with friends? Obviously, Adidas as the transformation of the global concept of standard retail stores, is across the board usher in "a new generation of concept "Upgrade. And as the campaign task Adidas retail environment, global head of Ted? Meijer (Ted Mager), his duty is to "develop a next shop." Adidas new store design concept behind the transformation of traditional business thinking, traditional thinking, as the stores as a "point of sale", a new concept in retail space is regarded as a "excitement", a brand can render the soul of the place. Adidas as the mastermind behind a series of new concepts, he was then the world's largest retail store brand that is the central concept of the founders, now letting this happen metamorphosis 3170 square meters of space. It has a new name: the home stadium (home court arena). facade styling is a gym, shop entrance to a tunnel, surrounded by noise effect refueling Retro jordans for sale issued from time to time. Football Players reference design approach channel, the guests into the store experience like player back home stadium, the home fans when its admission hear bursts of crazy cry. Borrow from this simulation, Adidas hopes to accelerate the secretion of adrenaline to make passion for the sport into the retail experience. hole Jia Yi, vice president of retail operations of Adidas Group Greater China (Gianni Conti) told the "Global Entrepreneur": "to create a new concept of nature is reshaping 'experience', that wants consumers to shop get any experience." While receiving interview, while he pointing their blue blazers added:. "sport Adidas origin, but also the future to be a continuation of the conduct of the" world's first store in Sanlitun Adidas sports performance series Homecourt concept, and strengthen the "movement" Experience passion. "Where else playing field even more passion? That is the source of 'Homecourt' concept." ? Ted Meijer had design explained:. "Store in each element with 'movement' as a reference, from the choice of materials, design inspiration to tell the brand story props" The concept store "concept" Analogy theme park "theme", is a let-store details in series of red lines, allowing guests visiting the store feel more interesting, more impressive, and then feel the spirit of the brand core. For example, this "stadium" locker room design with Blue present, that is, "the team room." A team back to the team room, change clothes a strategic discussion of the cheap jordans for sale mens second half, which was originally a stadium so that fans fascinated by the secret space? Room. "The new concept store will not miss such an important element." Ted? Meijer has said. In the "team room" instead of "dressing room" try on clothes, became visiting the shop and feel the unique spirit of the movement an important part. The theme of transformation there is another effect. Wish to invite you to go to the end of the Sanlitun area of ??the second floor ladies to find out. There, a large mirror and a chair followed the "team room" social property. Huanhaoyifu discuss private dressing in separate small and sat in the "social area" waiting for friends or fellow shoppers, this region is also timely given the clerk a suitable build? Recommendations. At the same time, the Sanlitun store sub-brands such as Y-3, Porsche Design, also ushered in the concept of the upgrade, such as NEO brand introduced "The Stage" (stage) concept, to strengthen the "young and dynamic" design with a photo wall, etc. experience. By the end of March 2014, sports the classic series (Originals) in Berlin, Germany, ushering in a new concept of "Neighborhood" (community) is the world's first store, use 3D city maps of Berlin to highlight the brand "street tide? Flow." 2014, Adidas plans to athletic performance for each series of Homecourt concept promoted in New York, Paris, Moscow and other 25 cities worldwide. The sports classic series of "Neighborhood" concept in June will also show in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road, New York cheap foamposites , Paris, Seoul city is also poised to be? Hair. The new concept Concepts home, community, launched a series of dazzling stage ......, because "consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, they come not only for the purpose for which the store, would like to experience the brand content." Adidas Greater China business public relations director Zhang Qiting (Sabrina Cheung) told the "Global Entrepreneur." Why is the current time node? "Because consumers ready for something new." Hole Jiayi response. Each new concept has its life cycle, because of rapidly changing consumer demand, this cycle is getting shorter. Homecourt concept before the opening of the January 2012 Shanghai Brand Center using the "core" (Core) concept; "Neighborhood" concept is launched in 2008 called "creative factory" (Atelier) concept successor. Ted Meijer led the team to the German headquarters store concept life cycle management, Kongjia arts as vice president of Greater China retail business is issued on behalf of the Chinese market, local consumers call to headquarters:? "It is time to provide consumers with a little fresh things. " In the hole Jiayi request, Ted and his team last year repeatedly coming to China, "they want to know what the experience is the Chinese consumers do not ever, because you need to get consumers to remember you, and are willing to share with friends, willing to come back . " In addition to Ted and hole Jiayi team to develop a new concept store in the process as well as the coordinated involvement Cheap air jordans for sale of many sectors, besides to create a "experience", floor, ceiling and lighting and other interior renovation only "surface", in-store service, stores and e-commerce connectivity, service and other sectors are hidden deeper effort. In order to meet "Neighborhood" a new concept, a new store personnel structure adjustment, the addition of each store, "the expert" (Activation Expert) post - let the endless stream of concerts, exhibitions, art exhibitions take place in the shop, so shop become a local "community" of cultural trends landmarks. Sanlitun Homecourt is to implement the world's first concept store, is also the world's first implementation of a new future shop customer service model. Jia Yi again when the hole into the Sanlitun store, and get a big hug when the clerk, he believes this is the real "new concept." He explained, "is not ready for each guest with a hug, the key is the 'initiative', so that staff feel that they have the freedom and ability to do the right thing consciously according to previous customer service model, she dare not do so . "The new service model requires escape standardized specification process to encourage staff" do it yourself. " Make consumers feel at the Adidas store in unusual enthusiasm, then the clerk must first be more passion, it is one way to stimulate their autonomy. bold move Sanlitun store overall layout is set up "centers of footwear district" (Shoebase), is about the most central gold area store all left shoes. Behind the strategic support that "we hop Retro jordans for sale e that more can come from footwear sales and profits," corporate communications director of Adidas Greater China, Zhang Qiting representation. Central shops are mostly conventional models integrated display clothes, shoes and various accessories, in the rear of the shop wall display shelves on shoes. "Both functionality and design sense shoes are unique point of sale, Zara, Uniqlo and so we do not like the shoes." Hole Jiayi to the "Global Entrepreneur" solution? Release. It is based on this strategic thinking, shoes became a shop center. In the Y-3 sub-brand new concept design also follows the strategy, the central display area also left shoe. However, the specific presentation, Homecourt concept football field bleachers arranged in the form of footwear area, while rows of lights arranged football stadium lighting; and Y-3 shoe area known as the "Holy Land shoes" (shoe shrine), shoe rack by the mirror shoebox piled up, cool and modern. Center footwear district also has a "shoe it" (Shoebar), it echoes Adidas "all channel" strategy, intended to connect seamlessly online and offline. it is a shoe with two touch-screen interactive table, shoes on the table, shoes RFID chips will be induced on the screen, displaying a 3D image of the shoe, historical and detailed technical information. If these shoes out or broken code, you can connect to the online store order, direct transfer cargo sent home. Creative Director David cooperation with Adidas to develop this interactive system Start JG company? George (D cheap jordans for sale ave Judge), "said the future of the retail offer to compete depends on the best digital interactive connection in the store." When a new store concept extended to the national markets, localization is inevitable, but the consistency with local personalized balance of global brands and the need to draw the line precisely. Homecourt concept highlights the brand's sports origins, in the worldwide implementation of it remained unified and standardized. But they need the flexibility to fine-tune according to the building characteristics, such as Sanlitun store is the largest area of ??the shop, in order to facilitate fast delivery of goods at the floors where the guests, they developed a special elevator delivery system. The exciting channel inlet are adjusted several times during the on-site implementation. Which should open entrance facade being repeated as appropriate. Originally designed to simulate the game channel "dark channel", will open the square came from Sanlitun guests' sense of estrangement "hole Jiayi they asked," Let channel brighter. " Thus, instead of transparent glass side walls to increase light, floor and ceiling uses warm wood color, the most wonderful is to increase the exhibition stand in long channel, such as from the previous show in 1976 football World Cup special " We not only solve the original problem, letting the once dark place was the perfect place to showcase the brand's history, many guests stay here to take pictures. "hole Jiayi representation. sports classic series born Cheap air jordan 12 ovo close fit with the trend of street culture, providing greater display space for localization. However, in the sports classic series generation "creative factory" (Atelier) concept, global consistency is higher, per store remain only two big chairs for artists to play around. The "Neighborhood" new concept of intention is to store a local community center. With the original purpose of this concept, Adidas abandon copy a standard blue or green ways big box, turned around to find the shop facades and culturally appropriate, decorative materials and store image program. "No one will look the same store, each store will be integrated into the local community." Campaign, global head of the classic series Arthur? Hodder (Arthur Hoeld) told the media. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;With hot Trap singles "G Ma" became popular in the world of South Korean rapper Keith Ape cooperation with the Los Angeles street brand Pink + Dolphin, interpretation of the brand in 2015 autumn and winter clothing line. This time the product naturally inspired elements in the Asian region, with wind and waves overflowing pattern elements, with Pink + Dolphin jumping usual color and unique printing to create complete, release jackets, shirts, T-shirts and other ride lined a single product . Currently, the series has been added to the sale, Keith Ape personal demonstration that will make everybody shines.a few hours ago i Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping n New York issued a new NIKE REACT technology, in addition to new materials appeared light, emphasize reaction and durable, believe that the sharp eyed friend also found more new color, in addition to gray began to appear, the use of the upper mixed nylon and Flyknit seems to be in this double black and white color of the Hyperdunk 2017 is the effect is more obvious, black shoes also make special openings (should be followed by a thin fabric connection structure) are highlighted. Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit the United States scheduled August 3rd sale, price 160 dollars, Taiwan has sold parts such as the related news we will open for you share listed reporting station. Pic by NICEKICKS , Sole, preview, of, the, REACT, event, @nike, in, NYC., Keep,, it, locked., #nike, #soledxb A, post, shared, by, Sole, DXB (@soledxb), on, Jun 20, 2017, at, 2:13pm, PDT About to hit the floor to test @warriors Draymond Green's talent. He's a 2-time #NBA champ, I'm a 2-time #NBAFinals MVP voter. I'm the favorite right Sto per scendere Sul parquet? Con Draymond Green. Lui ha vinto 2 titoli NBA, IO Ho votato per l'MVP delle Finals. 2 volte Partiamo alla pari no #nikebasketball #NikeReact? A, post, shared, by, Davide, Chinellato (@dchinellato), on, Jun 20, 2017, at, 2:58pm, PDT , On-foot, look, at, Nike, REACT, Hyperdunk, Flyknit., For, full, release, details, tap, the, link, in, theThe performance of James Harden shoes are actual consecutive seasons in consideration, the newly launched Nike Hyperchase is not yet ava cheap jordans online ilable in Taiwan, but the degree of concern is not inferior to the preceding two paragraphs. Many of these details are aimed at the design of Harden's play, the most special of which is the Nike Swoosh Logo, through angle adjustment, to reduce unnecessary pressure in the fast cut or turn. In addition, cooperation with Fragment Design also brings new horizons. source: SneakernewsMelo personal endorsement shoes finally came to the nine generation, the previous situation when everyone burst exposure has always been very concerned about the several dynamic? The practical function of Flywire and durability, now completed a real shoe is high, the highlight of the design is that several dynamic?? Flywire "M.", and in part of Melo series science and technology use has been very Melo I comply with the demand to make the adjustment, at present this information as a double? Jordan Melo M9 suspension technology is used in Zoom to air yes, we care about the date of listing abroad will be listed in January next year, love Melo fans if they can start saving!! source: sneakernewsNike LunarCharge Air Flow Air, is a gathering of the Current, Air Max 90, Air Presto and LunarEpic shoes of elements and build a new work, in addition to the structural design itself derived from these predecessors, have also recently released a tribute classic color, following the exposure before the "Safari" to the classic elements of tribute, the LunarCharge collocation in the gray and white and pale blue contrast showed a sense of the future of science and technology, reminiscent of the movie "back to the future" inside the protagonist has automatic lacing system at the foot of Nike MAG, the color in foreign outlets, pricing of $120. source: Sneaker NewsThe 2015 all star game will be played in New York at Adidas, prior to the launch of 'Broadway Express' combination of warm up to the event. Why would you say so? Because of their design concept is an important carrier, the subway extraction in public life. inspired the use of maps in N, Q, R, route name 'Broadway Express', and apply to Adidas Crazy 8, Crazy 2 and D Rose 5 Boost. From 90s the two pairs of members accompany construction and growth of transport channels, perfect interpretation of the concept of a shoe; while adding new technologies like Boost D Rsoe 5 in the reaction of railway change rapidly. As for the appearance of the color is to use the color of the car lights and representatives. Combined with culture and different contours, each shows its own characteristics, a series of 'Broadway Express' will be allowed to enter the platform boots in the United States time 2015/1/8, D Rose Boost $140 Crazy 5 yuan, 8 yuan $110 and 2 yuan $125 Crazy. D, Rose, 5, Boost, Broadway, Express, Crazy, 8, Broadway, Express, Crazy,, Express, Broadway source: insidethesneakerbox / Counterkicks 1 / 2 / 3Jordan XX8 SE "Crescent City" will be sold at the weekend, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. wise basketball concept store at Murmansk source: Nike, IncThe Under Armour's occupation sports such as NBA Stephen Curry, MLB Bryce Harper and NFL Cam Newton and other endorsements in recent years continue to pay players have excellent performance, deep and accumulated experience in professional sports fields, allowing UA to gradually expand its territory, believe you can feel the obvious the movement between ethnic groups regardless of the degree of concern, the topic of discussion heat are in continuous heating. In addition to having a precise vision in the occupation movement, Under Armour also gradually take root downward, looking at the younger generation, a while ago, first with Curry Davidson University's alma mater to sign up as team main sponsor brand after a major signing last week and the news that they and UCLA of the University of California signed a total of 280 million for a period of 15 years dollar contracts which also surpassed the previous Nike and Ohio State University in January this year, the $252 million contract, a NCAA (National University Sports Association) the history of the highest amount of sponsorship contract. The two sides will be in the summer of 2017 officially launched cooperation, in addition to the UCLA team players provide footwear and clothing and other equipment, will also promote the amount of improvement, as the use of campus facilities upgrade. UCLA is located on the west coast of the United States city of Losangeles, the team in the sports competition project performance is very splendid, used in different projects scored a total of 113 Championship winning, plus the membership of the Pac - 12 is NCAA's one of the few strength among the best partition alliance, by the fans and media attention of nature be nothing difficult based on the above factors, it is not difficult to understand why so many brands will be willing to inject resources here. source: Under Armour this year, Air Jordan 11 generation, 6 generation, 7 generation continuously engraved, apart from a few years ago Air Jordan Figure 4 seems to be a little, but it is in position Jordan shoes lossless fans, the recent foreign news has been rumored Air Jordan 4 snake version available, but the official has yet to have any further news. The foreign exposure Air Jordan 4 version of snake images should still sample shoes, but you can see a python in addition to upper cover, ventilation window, lace materials made of leather material substitution, the more different the atmosphere. In recent years, Jordan Brand often in classic shoes on the use of different materials added possibility, from the beginning of the professional basketball shoes, fashion shoes was getting a little taste, Xiao Bian also look forward to in the future Jordan Brand can come up with more astonishing creativity, let us see the possibility of shoes. source: @jdollasign84 / @realchickenwop