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Chinese shoes Network May 25 hearing, "Beijing Hualian Supermarket Sale of a store on the second floor area has a lot of Nike, Adidas, special steps such as selling brand sports shoes, but none is genuine, all is a fake." Readers Wang yesterday to find when shopping to make him wonder, "This well-known large supermarkets also open to sell counterfeit goods, do not mislead consumers?" Mr. Wang said, he went to China yesterday Fulltime supermarket, found on its second floor, marked with shelves stocked with well-known trademarks of Nike, Adidas and other sports shoes, the price is very cheap, at between 30 to 40 yuan. Mr. Wang said, just beginning to see, I thought it really cheap jordans online such a good thing, but a closer observation, found these shoes workmanship, poor materials, Wang doubt, "like the famous supermarkets actually openly sold generic products, also played notices do activities, is likely to mislead consumers, some irresponsible, right? " Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the supermarket, see the second floor there is a sale area shoes on the shelves, as described Wang as many are printed with Nike, Adidas, and other brands of Xtep LOGO, not looking deceptively pretty big. When a reporter questioned the supermarket Purchasing Guide, Purchasing Guide admit not genuine, just posted the brand LOGO only. Subsequently, the reporter to the cheap jordans for sale first floor of the store to the Xtep brand Purchasing Guide proposes Hualian sell imitation shoes Xtep its Purchasing Guide, said:. "This is normal," Reporters later linked to Nike agents in Hefei, the person said the market now fake a lot of things, a lot of big stores have. Support Beijing Hualian yuan a store, he said that the phenomenon of selling fake goods stores have a lot, they did not indicate that he is selling the brand, but only with the brand's design on products only. industry and commerce department said that if these shoes really is a trademark of other brands, it is possible to alleged trademark infringement, the public can call 12315 to report, the busine cheap foamposites ss sector will go to the scene forensics, be processed according to the actual situation. 148 willow harvest duty counsel said that if this product does use the trademark to other brands, and misleading to consumers, alleged trademark infringement, the company holds the trademark may require supermarkets to stop infringement and compensation for consequential loss, if the consumer who have a significant impact, consumers can demand compensation.I believe that many fans of shoes on that section of the year GIGI color Air Jordan 13 still dreamed, although this year is not the engraved return plan, but ten years after the Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue finally return to the shelf Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping . This section with a more concise low for other shows, at the same time by the fabric stitching black leather, suede and a blue shoe body, finally with the iconic toe like presentation, interested friends please pay more attention to. item: 310810-407 release date: April 8thPrice: air-jordan-13-low-brave-blue-310810-407.jpg (264.56 KB, download number: 17) download Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue officially released 2017-3-17 08:49 upload air-jordan-13-low-brave-blue-310810-407-3.jpg (245.38 KB, download number: 16) download Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue officially released 2017-3-17 08:48 upload air-jordan-13-low-brave-blue-310810-407-4.jpg (329.52 KB, download n Retro jordans for sale umber: 14) download Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue officially released 2017-3-17 08:48 upload air-jordan-13-low-brave-blue-310810-407-1.jpg (260.42 KB, download number: 16) download Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue officially released 2017-3-17 08:48 upload air-jordan-13-low-brave-blue-310810-407-2.jpg (263.32 KB, download number: 15) download Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue0From the Foreign Affairs Office of the China Textile Industry Association, the second China, Europe and America textile industry Quartet will be held at the Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel in March 27th. The one day Quartet will be held in the form of "round table", which will be conducted on the basis of cheap jordans for sale mens representatives of all parties, and will be combined with questions and answers. The meeting will focus on the following three aspects: the status quo and development trend of the exchange of national textile industry, research on the status quo and trend of global textile trade and development, research on European and American textile free trade agreement (FTA) feasibility problem. the talks scheduled for the end of March, the organizers hope to arrange other three party representatives visit Beijing held at the sixteenth China International Fashion Fair as well as the same time, yarn fabric exhibition exhibition and other activities, let the representatives of the partie cheap jordan shoes for men s can feel and understand the status of the development of China textile and garment industry, especially the Castro - U.S. representative Mr. Johnson, this is his first visit to China, if he was able to delve into several major exhibitions, experience, may exert a certain influence on the future of the formulation of relevant trade policy. the talks in addition to the established four issues, may involve the RMB exchange rate, new products and new technology development cooperation, innovation and industry etc.. (Editor: admin) to late hours. In December it may be said is numerous shoe money issued, in addition to the 30th anniversary of the Jordan Brand also plans to Cheap air jordan 12 ovo air jordan 11 as the ending for a, nike basketball release Kyrie Irving the second pair of signature shoes and other products. Here is a look at the upcoming December release of a number of shoes. NikeCourt, Force Mid SP 1 sale date: December 1st, 2015NikeCourt, Force Mid SP 2 release date: December 1st 2015RISE, X Puma Blaze of Glory New York Is For Lovers 3release date: December 1st, 2015price: $145Nike, LeBron 4 13 Lifestylerelease date: December 3rd, 2015price: $130Air, Jordan Low 29 Infrared "" 5release date: December 4th, 2015price: $185Adidas, D Rose 6 6 Boostrelease date: December 4th, 2015price: $140Air, Jordan Maroon 6 "" 7release date: December 5th, 2015$220Price: Cheap air jordans for sale Nike, Air Force 8 1 Highrelease date: December 5th, 2015price: $140A$AP, Ferg x adidas adi-Ease Hood "Pope " 9release date: December 5th, 2015price: $70 (white and )Adidas, J Wall 210release date: December 5th, 2015price: $115is in the world, which company dare to rebel basketball shoes in the heart of the Empire, to NIKE and Adidas's giant direct challenge, the answer is: Lining (Li-Ning). In fact, this is not a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, for a long time, Lining (Li-Ning) has long become China's largest sports equipment company. Now, Lining (Li-Ning) first official store officially in Oregon, Portland City grand opening, here is the large number of world famous s Retro jordans for sale ports brand Tiger according to Longpan nests, including NIKE. As the saying goes, "get close to your friends and be close to your enemies", Lining (Li-Ning) is tantamount to declaring war on NIKE, and lighting the first fire in their backyard. to celebrate the opening, not only Lining (Li-Ning) brand's most prized superstar, nicknamed "beard" (Beardman) Baron Davis (Baron Davis) to help out, and they lead to a price of $$100 per pair, to the American people the grand launch of Lining (Li-Ning) Byron tailored to the first signature war shoes "BD Doom", and "beard" doll is at a discount in conjunction with the thermal release. In addition to shoes and dolls, the store also has Lining (Li-Ning) selected basketball apparel for consumer choice. If you are enthusiastic readers NBA shoes war king "racing" column, after its latest news reports and various high density bombing, now is the American shoe friends start to Lining (Li-Ning), the new store a godsend round Su dream! Source: Battle shoes Wang , , Baron Davis, Li-Ning, Lining, American new store opening, shoes show tide 〉 before we report a variety of Cinelli joint projects, we find that Cinelli combined with Fixed Gear sports ambition, this disclosure by fortune DVS and skateboard shoes brand classic bicycle veteran Cinelli launch joint shoes, can be seen from the photo of the shoe with classic Cinelli Logo and color for the spindle, and the overall and detailed design can be seen in many riding Fixed Gear as the starting point of the concept. [page] subtitle #e# DIESEL Italy x adidas Originals Footwear Supra Dixon shoes 2011 spring series shoes comments on last article: "DIESEL x Dixon Adidas Originals" in Italy, Footwear, joint shoes section next: Supra released Spring 2011 series of shoes new year tiger come on : the famous Japanese sports brand Onitsuka Tiger will bring a brand new " for its classic running shoes Harandia next spring; Bering, Sea, and, Tigers, Eye", color matching. The Harandia, named after designer Harold Arandia, is the Onitsuka Tiger's first pair of running shoes with a ASICS air cushion. In the new shoes, made of a dark blue nylon mesh with suede material, with white leather logo on the side of embellishment, combined with yellow, brown and white shoes lining cushion midsole and rubber outsole has. new face debut / Nike Air Max 2014 new color design, green classic reproduction / Adidas Originals The Stan Smith 2014 spring classic return review last article: new face debut / Nike Air Max 2014 new color design next article: Green Classic reproduction / Adidas Originals The Stan Smith 2014 spring classic return